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Mark Lewczynski Bournazaud
Stuart has been helping us for a few months now.
It has been especially useful because, unexpectedly, we haven't been able to get back to France.  He goes round to our house twice a week to make sure everything is ok (very reassuring in the rainy winter months) and does extra things such as check the post.  He has also been very helpful scanning and emailing the odd document over as and when needed.
In addition, Stuart has been cutting our grass and, since we were away, has emailed photos of his work over to us so we're always updated.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to a potential new client.
Mark and Pat Haute Vienne

Stuart gives us a reliable service that allows us to feel confident when leaving our house for prolonged periods.
The regular updates after his visits keep us informed about the property status and allow us to react quickly to any issues that arise.
It's good to know that the broad range of services he provides gives us a safe pair of hands to look after our home from a distance.